Brenan's Bay View Funeral Home 
 1461 Manawagonish Road, West Saint John, New Brunswick


As many of you will be aware, in April of this year, Brenan’s Funeral Homes acquired Castle Fallsview Funeral Home when the former owner placed it up for sale. This, of course, meant that we would have two funeral home locations in West Saint John.

Accordingly, since the purchase was finalized, we have been evaluating the needs of our customers and assessing how best to ensure that we could meet those needs with the tools at hand. Ultimately we determined that disposing of one building and investing our resources in expanding and enhancing the other was the most promising route. 

As a result, we are announcing the closure of Brenan's Bay View Funeral Home at 1461 Manawagonish Road and combining the services of both westside locations at Castle Fallsview at 309 Lancaster Avenue. We are also pleased to inform you that planning is underway for significant renovations to the Castle facility to better accommodate the additional activity. 

After careful consideration, we are confident that we can both look after our customers, and do so most effectively, from one location. And, while there were a number of factors behind the decision to close Bay View, we are very conscious of the history of Castle Fallsview and its place in the community and we believe that this is where many westside families would prefer us to be.

Those with prearranged funeral plans or funeral funding assigned to the Bay View location can rest assured that their plans and funds are secure. Anyone with plans on file at Bay View may choose any of our three remaining locations; Castle, Brenan's Paradise Row or Kennebecasis to provide their services.

We also want you to know that all Bay View obituaries will remain on our websites and will be searchable along with notices from all locations.

If you have questions about your existing plans or anything else related to our move, please contact us during business hours at 506-634-7424 or anytime through our contact page.

Should you have need of funeral home services on the westside, Castle Fallsview can be reached directly at 506-634-1701.

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